2013 Battle of the Bars

It is time to put your team together for the 2013 Battle of the Bars. Date: October 12th10:00 Shotgun Start$160 entry per 4 person teamBBQ following playCloset to the Pin’s, Long Drives! This year we will be rewarding the winners with prizes that will be better than ever – Gift Certificates, Merchandise and Pro-shop Money just to name a few.

This event is perfect for anyone who loves golf. Your options are endless.

  • Whether you want to grab 4 players from your favorite Bar, Pub or Saloon down town and dominate the competing rival bars
  • Or you have a couple teams at the same Bar, Pub or Saloon that want to decide who rules the roost
  • Or you want to represent a classic favorite of your family and friends . . the Taco Bar
  • Or you want to show some love for the dark horse of delicious bars, the Salad Bar
  • Or you and your friends just want to represent what you believe to be the worlds best Candy Bar

. . it makes no difference . . grab a team and let the games begin.


2013 BATTLE of the BARS

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