David McCollum is the son of Joe McCollum, the founder of Canyon Springs, and is currently the managing general partner for the family partnership that owns the property. Dave grew up in Twin Falls, graduated from Harvard College in the Boston area (not a golf hotspot at the time), and lived in Idaho, Oregon, and California before returning to Idaho in 1990. Prior to coming back to Idaho, Dave lived in Southern California and was a freelance commercial producer of print advertising and TV commercials. His work took him to every continent on Earth, except Antarctica (and he got a taste for that in Greenland). Dave became an avid golfer rather late in life, but once hooked, also became an avid student of the history, traditions, and playing fields of the game. This second passion led to exploring some of the classic courses in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the US. Dave believes that all golfers and golf courses would benefit from understanding something about the long evolution of the game, but, reduced to the most elemental pleasures, golf is outdoor sport, not unlike hunting and fishing, that focuses on skillfully exploring a landscape with good companions. The unlimited ways that this can be done across an unlimited variety of landscapes is an essential ingredient in the appeal of golf. Dave notes that “avid” should not imply anything about the quality of his game or his mastery of golf literature.

Rain & Washout

The mud/rock slide at Canyon Springs Golf Course was obviously the result of record rainfall.  It did not do as much damage as it could have and we were extremely lucky it occurred where it did.  The damaged areas are in front of hole #14 tees and in the low area just below #13 green

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Dave’s Interview with Golf Inc. Magazine

Dave was recently interviewed by Golf Inc. Magazine, its are pretty interesting article and may give an interesting perception to golf courses, both in design and conditioning. Hope you enjoy it.   http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/cypress/golfinc_2013winter/#/14